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Wild Space is founded on a passion and drive for incorporating nature and biodiversity into our everyday lives. With the help of our collaborators, we have committed ourselves to creating impactful, conservation-focused experiences for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or background. 

We strive to provide every individual that joins us on this journey room to explore and discover. This is because we understand the importance of forging memories that will create conversations beyond a single event. 



Daphne Ong


MSc Biodiversity and Conservation, University of Leeds

BEng Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore

Daphne is a conservationist and an advocate for wildlife. She takes a keen interest in felid conservation, human-wildlife interactions, and the illegal wildlife trade. She has participated in several wildlife conservation projects over the years in Africa and Southeast Asia, giving her a diverse experience in varying conservation practices.

She believes in the saying that one will only conserve what they know and love, and they can only love if they are taught. Through Wild Space, she hopes to help people discover their heart for conservation of the natural world.

Lee Kellie


MSc (cum laude) Cultural Anthropology and Developmental Sociology, Leiden University

BA Sociology and Economics, National University of Singapore

Kellie is a wildlife anthropologist and environmental sociologist who has worked with private, public and academic sectors researching present-day issues and finding new ways of peaceful co-existence between persons, institutions and nature. She believes that the multifaceted and globalised problems of today can only be resolved through creative multidisciplinary approaches which take into account human, technical and natural aspects.

Our Team



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Ming Lun



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