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Sail with us to Singapore's only landfill - Pulau Semakau. A biodiversity haven to birds such as the great-billed heron and creatures of the intertidal shores, it is also the receptacle for incinerated waste produced by Singapore's 6 million population daily. This island is now fast filling up, and is set to reach its full capacity by 2035. (Source: NEA Website & CNA, 9 Nov 2023)

Join us on this guided tour of an engineering marvel that coexists with local biodiversity. We will learn about sustainable waste management in Singapore, and the strategies employed to maximise landfill space while minimising environmental impact. 

Date: Thursday, 29 Feb 2024 (full)

Time: 1pm - 4.15pm

Location: Pulau Semakau

Price: $48 per pax

All children aged 7 to 12 have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian (1 adult per child.) Children under 7 are not allowed on the island.


As part of our conservation efforts, 10% of the proceeds of this event will go to Ground-Up Initiative, to support the reuse of waste materials in the rebuilding of their space.


We will send you a confirmation email upon receiving your registration and payment. All personal information collected will be used strictly for the purposes of the event only. For cancellations, please see our cancellation policy.

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