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Beautiful Nature
Image by Andreas Gücklhorn
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A series of informal gatherings where guests working in the field of nature and sustainability are invited to chat about their topic of specialty. These sessions are casual yet informative, and provide a space for like-minded individuals to deliberate and discuss ideas on how to be better stewards of our natural world.

Wildlife Conservation in Malawi

Carmen Pang

Singapore Wildcat Action Group

Tim Foote


Emmanuel Kandiero

Tourism Manager
Majete Wildlife Reserve

Tim and Carmen went to Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi to track the elusive African Wild Dog, but they ended up observing (and helping!) the wildlife team collar a young male lion. They were granted access to the wildlife monitoring, canine security, and veterinarian teams, whose members work tirelessly to safeguard the biodiversity within the park and support the communities that live just outside. 
At our next Wild Conversations, Tim and Carmen will tell stories from their trip and share with us the amazing conservation success story of Majete. Joining them on Zoom will be Emmanuel Kandiero, Tourism Manager of Majete Wildlife Reserve, which is managed by African Parks, a non-profit conservation organisation that takes on the complete responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks in partnership with governments and local communities in various African countries.

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Logistics of Humanitatian Aid

Claire Leow

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Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific

Airlink is a global humanitarian organization delivering critical aid to communities in crisis by providing airlift and logistical solutions to nonprofit partners, changing the way the humanitarian community responds to disasters around the world.
Claire is the regional representative for Asia and the Pacific. She is based in Singapore, supporting her colleagues at the headquarters when it comes to programs with NGOs, building relationships with airline and logistics partners, and working alongside donors for the benefit of communities in crisis. These crises may be in-region, or NGOs in the region assisting in humanitarian responses globally.

Recycling & Upcycling

Teo Rui Xiang

Soda Lemon

Rui Xiang graduated from the NUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies programme in 2017. He co-founded Soda Lemon with his then-coursemate, Sean Teoh, to tackle the problem of glass waste in Singapore. They believe that the business should be rooted on the pillars of sustainability, striking a balance between our economy, society and the environment we live in.

Cai Bingyu

Kampung Architect
Ground-Up Initiative

Wild Space Recycling Upcycling.jpg

Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) is a non-profit organisation that runs a 2.6ha space called the Kampung Kampus in Khatib. GUI's work focuses on community-building and environmental sustainability, and they do this by connecting people with one another, with the environment and with the self. Starting off as a volunteer in 2011, Bingyu now takes charge of GUI. Bingyu is an architect and played a big part in building the Kampung Kampus and the Heartquarters at GUI.

Regenerative Travel

Shuen & Fang

Wild Convos Terraformers YouTube Cover.jpg


Regenerative tourism is built on unique cultural identities and environmental practices associated with indigenous traditions. It is a model of tourism where the social and environmental well-being of local communities are improved. Terraformers is an impact startup promoting regenerative tourism offered by indigenous communities to make tourism a force for good. They build a subscription-based platform offering unique travel destinations designed for cultural and environmental regeneration. 

Living Alongside Our Wild Neighbours

Anbarasi Boopal

Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES)

Anbarasi (Anbu) Boopal started volunteering with ACRES in 2006 while studying at NUS, and then joined as a full-time staff member in 2007. With over 15 years of experience in wildlife rescues and animal protection issues, she is now ACRES’s Co-CEO overseeing the education, fundraising, animal crime investigation and the wildlife management departments at ACRES. With an educational background in Life Sciences and Environmental Management, her interests include empowering individuals on ways to help animals directly, and addressing the root causes of issues through advocacy and education. 

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Malayan Tiger

Dr. Vilma D'Rozario

Wild Space YouTube Cover.jpg

Singapore Wildcat Action Group

Vilma has been involved in conserving the Malayan tiger since 2014. Her first major contribution to tiger conservation was as a member of the organising committee of a tiger charity dinner with Cicada Tree Eco-Place (CTEP). From 2015 to 2019, besides being actively involved in Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT Walk Plus), she also monitored wildlife at the Sungai Yu Ecological Corridor in Pahang as a volunteer with the Nature Society’s Vertebrate Study Group (VSG). In 2019, she became co-director of the Singapore Wildcat Action Group (SWAG), a registered non-profit based in Singapore run entirely by volunteers. SWAG’s mission is to build a network of supporters for wildcat conservation, and raise funds to protect the critically endangered Malayan Tiger.

Freshwater Ecology

Dr. Maxine Mowe

Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore

Dr. Maxine Mowe has more than 10 years of research experience in phytoplankton and zooplankton ecology research and has been a lecturer since 2019. She has worked on the ecology of several cyanobacterial taxa (Microcystis, Cylindrospermopsis), phytoplankton and zooplankton interactions, microplastic impacts and eutrophication and algal bloom mitigation in Singapore’s reservoirs and coastal environment.

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